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Nintendo Teases Super Smash Bros Ultimate Update 3.0.0 New Features

Super Smash Bros Ultimate will get a major update 3.0.0 just in time for the new DLC character, which is going to be Joker from the Persona series. Despite the lack of details surrounding this update, Nintendo might have just given fans what it will include as new features.

During a commercial that features Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Nintendo might have silently dropped, or perhaps accidentally leaked, the details on the next update for the game. In this commercial, right in the beginning, you will notice that there is a “Stage Builder” shown in the game menu which is not available in the current version of the game.


Fans started to speculate that this might be a part of the new update, and this has already been hinted in the past but without any release information for it.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will get its first character DLC with Joker from the Persona series. If we go back, this is not the first proper DLC for the game, since Pirhana Plant was one of the DLC characters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate but it was available as free for those who had pre-ordered the game.

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Joker from Persona 5 will be the first character that is being released as part of the season pass for the game. It will be followed by four more characters including new stages. There are speculations on these characters but nothing concrete has been revealed for them.

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