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Control Ultimate Edition Drastically Reduces The File Size On PS5

Control Ultimate Edition file size has been reduced by Remedy Entertainment despite offering better visuals, performance, and both expansions in a bundle.

Control Ultimate Edition is a special version of the game that has been developed for the next-generation consoles. It offers ray-tracing visual mode in addition to a performance mode that runs at 60 FPS. All of the expansions that have been released so far are a part of this Ultimate Edition.

When Control first launched for the PS4 and Xbox One, it had an initial file size of roughly 35 GB. It was gradually increased with subsequent updates and the expansions brought the average file size to just around 50 GB.

control ultimate edition file size

Since the next-generation consoles offer limited storage space due to their expensive SSD, it can be a problem to install big games like Control. However, it appears that the file size of the game is rather small, especially if we compare it to the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

Since Control Ultimate Edition is available to download now on PS Plus through the Australian/New Zealand PlayStation Store, we have a general idea of the file size of the game on PS5 and it is roughly 25 GB without taking into account a patch that might be released post-launch for the game. This file size is almost half the current game size if we take into account updates and expansions that have been released so far.

While we can’t confirm it, this doesn’t apply to the PC version which has a minimum file size of 42 GB listed on the Steam Store. Developers may have used new compression technology to reduce the file size as has been the case with several of the next-generation games that were released for PS5 and Xbox Series consoles. As an example, Spider-Man: Miles Morales has a smaller file size on PS5 than it does on the PS4.

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