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Death Stranding Could Have Keanu Reeves But Kojima Suggested Mads

Hideo Kojima dropped a new bombshell for Death Stranding during San Diego Comic-Con panel. He revealed that Keanu Reeves was the first suggestion for a lead role but Kojima picked up Mads.

Keanu Reeves is a global star now thanks to the success of movies like John Wick. He is playing a character in Cyberpunk 2077. His popularity is growing almost every day and with Cyberpunk 2077, his personality and appearance have both received heaps of praise.

Death Stranding first started its production in 2016 as Kojima settled on the Decima Engine by Guerrilla Games. Keanu Reeves was having success with his John Wick movie even back then but it appears Kojima had his mind on other things. During the SDCC Panel, as shared on Twitter, Kojima confirmed that Keanu Reeves was suggested to him as a character in Death Stranding.

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Kojima said that the original recommendation was Keanu Reeves but he picked up Mads. During the panel, Kojima was with Nicolas Winding Refn, who is a critically acclaimed director and also a character in Death Stranding. His character is called Heartman in the game. Kojima and Nicolas talked about their approach to narrative, their inspirations as creators and what excites them about the future of entertainment.

There was a short clip shared for Heartman. We learn that he is apparently living in a strange 21-minute loop. His body is hooked up to an EKG and the place where is kept has a wide collection of films and music. When he dies, he has just three minutes to look for his family on the other side.

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Death Stranding is out on November 8th, 2019. When Kojima was asked about the release date, he said that he was “still working on it.” The game will be out exclusively for the PS4. Kojima also shared the Regular and SteelBook edition box art today for the game.

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