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Devil May Cry 5 Is Possibly Getting Another Major Title Update In The Coming Days

Capcom is currently working on a new title update for Devil May Cry 5. They last released an update for the Bloody Palace mode but it lacked someone speculated to be one of the DLC characters or support for matchmaking.

Devil May Cry 5 fans have datamined information that confirms the existence of a new character in the game files. Capcom has released the Bloody Palace update on April 1st and they have confirmed that they are not going to release further DLC for the game, yet the existence of an important title update on Steam makes their statement a little curious.

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There are some minor updates released for Devil May Cry 5 but there are only two major updates out so far. The first one added Japanese voices and implemented some additional features. The second one added Bloody Palace mode. In between, there have been a couple of updates implementing simple bug fixes.

There is now another major Title Update, which could be possibly Devil May Cry 5 update 1.08 or 1.09 if we go by the PS4 version. It is labeled as Title Update 4 on PC as spotted on Steam Database. It is currently being worked on by the developers at Capcom.

Right now, it is just a theory since Capcom hasn’t shared any information on a possible update but perhaps this might add more new content to the game, after all, it was a great success for Capcom on all platforms, and it also did really well on Steam.

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