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Disney’s Aladdin Is On Pace To Earn More Than $100 Million In Its Debut Week

Disney’s Aladdin is off to a fantastic start and now it is looking more likely that the movie will finish this memorial weekend with more than $100 million box office debut.

Disney’s Aladdin had a rocky promotional campaign. When it was first revealed that Will Smith will be portraying Genie, it was met with a lot of skepticism because of the classic performance of Genie which has been associated with Robin Williams for more than a decade now. When Will Smith was first shown in the blue genie form, it received a lot of backlash by fans.

Disney was able to convince fans with subsequent trailers for Disney Aladdin where the CGI was improved and hence Genie looked better than the first trailer. Genie also keeps in the form of a human but the movie mixes and matches between both forms constantly just like in the movie.

aladdin box office

The reviews for Disney’s Aladdin are in the mixed territory but that doesn’t seem to affect its box office performance. It has opened to $31 million this Friday with a $7 million in Thursday previews. The movie has also earned an “A” CinemaScore which shows that the audience like it as well.

Early projections are now giving the movie a three-day opening week of $87 million and a four-day opening week of $110 million, which will put it in one of the top five memorial day weekends.

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