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Gears of War 5: How To Get All Achievements Guide

Gears of War 5 will be out on September 10. Here’s how you will be able to get all the achievements in Gears of War 5. There are no spoilers for the story in this guide.

Gears of War 5 is the largest game in the series in term of a campaign and various multiplayer modes. Microsoft first revealed the game’s multiplayer and release date during their conference at E3 this year. It has also received an ESRB Rating while the game went gold this week.

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Gears of War 5 also a technical test before the launch of the game to ensure smooth performance for the multiplayer. It will offer support for offline co-op as well and the campaign can be played with two players.

There are 68 achievements to get in Gears of War 5. Here are the details on them including how to get them in the game.

How To Get All Gears of War 5 Achievements

  1. My Body Is ReadyComplete Boot Camp
  2. It Takes Three To Make A Thing Go RightComplete an Act of Campaign in 3 player co-op
  3. Jack of One TradeComplete an Act of the Campaign as playable Jack (any difficulty)
  4. I Was Born In A Crossfire HurricaneUse Jack’s Flash ability to stun 3 enemies at once in Campaign
  5. Back AtchaGet a kill with ricochet bullets using Jack’s Barrier Ability
  6. Back On Your Feet, Soldier – Use Jack’s Stim upgraded ability to revive a DBNO friendly in Campaign
  7. Shock and AweUse Jack’s Shock Trap ability to shock 6 enemies at once in Campaign
  8. SeraninjaUse Jack’s Cloak ability to cloak and execute 3 enemies before de-cloaking in Campaign
  9. An Enemy Among UsGet a kill with a Hijacked Pouncer, Warden, Stump and Elite Hunter in Campaign
  10. Gimmie, Gimmie, GimmieUse Jack’s Fetch ability to acquire each Heavy Weapon in Campaign
  11. Jack of All TradesAcquire all of Jack’s Ultimate upgrades in Campaign
  12. JACKed Up!Fully upgrade Jack’s Abilities and Passives in Campaign
  13. Relic HunterEquip 3 Relic Weapons at one time in Campaign
  14. Relics of the PastKill an enemy with every Relic Weapon in Campaign
  15. Not There To Buy A TimeshareUnlock during Act 1 of the Campaign
  16. And… He’s All YoursUnlock during Act 1 of the Campaign
  17. Now I Gotta Get Up AgainUnlock during Act 1 of the Campaign
  18. A Mouthful of BoomUnlock during Act 1 of the Campaign
  19. It’s Time We Fight Them TogetherUnlock during Act 2 of the Campaign
  20. Jameson Shipping DepotUnlock during Act 2 of the Campaign
  21. That Old COG TechnologyUnlock during Act 2 of the Campaign
  22. Let’s Get You Some AnswersUnlock during Act 2 of the Campaign
  23. We Need The Old PlanUnlock during Act 2 of the Campaign
  24. Safe and SoundUnlock during Act 3 of the Campaign
  25. Cutting It CloseUnlock during Act 3 of the Campaign
  26. Throw A Switch, See What HappensUnlock during Act 3 of the Campaign
  27. Let’s Keep Pissin It Off!Unlock during Act 3 of the Campaign
  28. Then We Watch Each Other’s BacksUnlock during Act 4 of the Campaign
  29. You Know I Ain’t Going Out Like ThatUnlock during Act 4 of the Campaign
  30. Discovered the True Threat To SeraComplete all Acts of the Campaign (Any Difficulty)
  31. All Aboard The Crazy Train!Complete all Acts of the Campaign on Insane
  32. It’s Not Hoarding If Your Stuff Is CoolCollect all Campaign Collectibles
  33. Pennies from HeavenScavenge supplies from all fallen Condors in Act 2 and 3
  34. Pass The SoapPass through a refuge shower with 3 Hivebusters in the same shower cubicle
  35. Master Of My DomainComplete an Escape Hive on each difficulty
  36. Who You Gonna Call? Hivebusters!Complete 5 Escape Hives as each one of Mac, Lahni and Keegan
  37. The Three MusketeersInflict 9000 damage in Escape while 3 Ultimate Abilities are active
  38. On The Razor’s EdgeGet 100 kills while inside Hivebuster Venom
  39. Brought A Knife To A Gun FightComplete an Escape Hive without firing a shot on Master Difficulty
  40. Who’s Your Escape Main?Reach Character Level 15 with a launch Escape Character
  41. Master Escape ArtistReach Character Level 15 with Mac, Lahni and Keegan
  42. I Made It All By MyselfCreate and publish an Escape Hive
  43. Homegrown HiveComplete a Featured community build Escape Hive
  44. Can’t Stop, Won’t StopBeat 50 Consecutive Waves of Horde (any difficulty)
  45. Who’s Your Horde Main?Reach Character Level 15 with a launch Horde Character
  46. Compulsive HorderReach Character Level 15 with Kait, JD, Del, Marcus, Fahz and Jack
  47. And I’ll Form The Head!Kill a Boss in Horde while all 5 players have active Ultimate Abilities
  48. Reduce, Reuse, RecycleAs Jack, convert one of each weapon to Power using the Forge in Horde
  49. Withdrawal SymptomsAs a team, collect Power from all 4 Power Taps within one wave of Horde\
  50. Perky’s RevengeGet a kill with 3 Perks active in Horde
  51. Beginning of a Beautiful FriendshipPlay a match of Arcade
  52. One Sec, I’ll Be Right BackSwitch characters in an Arcade match and kill an opponent who previously killed you
  53. Where’s My Product Endorsement Deal?Win 5 matches of Arcade
  54. My Place In The MachineComplete placement matches for a Ranked Playlist
  55. Grind SeasonWin a Ranked Match in each week of a Ranked Season
  56. Sire, InterruptedKill a Sire while it’s kidnapping a teammate (any mode)
  57. A Good Plan, Violently ExecutedExecute 100 Rejects (any mode)
  58. You’ve Got A Friend In MeMake a new Ally in Gears Allies
  59. Did We Just Become Best Friends?Reach Level 5 with an ally in Gears Allies
  60. BFFsComplete a Versus match with a team of four Level 5 Gears Allies
  61. Once More From The TopRe-Up!
  62. One, Two, Three SortiesComplete all 3 Objectives for Tour of Duty in a day
  63. Corporal PunishmentReach the rank of Corporal in a Tour of Duty
  64. Sergeant at ArmsReach the rank of Sergeant in a Tour of Duty
  65. LOOTenantReach the rank of Lieutenant in a Tour of Duty
  66. I’m The Captain NowReach the rank of Captain in a Tour of Duty
  67. Generally AwesomeReach the rank of General in a Tour of Duty
  68. Seriously 5.0 – Chapter 1Complete Insane Campaign, Master Horde & Escape Launch Maps & Characters, Get 20 Re-Ups and reach General in a Tour of Duty

There are many campaign achievements but this is not just the requirement to get 100% achievements. You also need to play some Escape and Map Builder, Horde, and Versus gameplay modes. Many achievements are also tied to the progression in the game.

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Gears of War 5 will be out on September 10, 2019, for PC and Xbox One. You can also grab it through the Xbox Game Pass where it will be available early along with the Ultimate Edition owners of Gears of War 5.

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