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Kingdom Hearts III ReMind DLC Details Revealed, Release Date Soon

Kingdom Hearts III is getting its first DLC expansion soon and more details on the DLC were shared recently. Here’s what is being added to the game.

We already know that ReMind DLC comes with multiple story scenarios. There will be playable characters with Aqua and Roxas that will have their own boss fights set near the end of the game. There is also a whole new scenario that hasn’t been shown in any media so far and details around it are kept hidden for now.

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Here are some of the new additions for the DLC that were confirmed today.

  • Photo Mode
  • Slideshow Mode
  • Fast Pass Mode
  • “Black Code”

Photo Mode is a new gameplay mechanic that lets the player take Photos of any of the lead cast in the chosen setting and add props and background effects to them. This is then taken to the Slideshow mode that can be used to add background music, transitions, camera effects to build a slideshow of photos that are taken in the game.

The gameplay altering options are Fast Pass mode and Black Code mode. As it was described, Fast Past mode will let the player one-shot kill enemies and allow them to stack multiple attractions or spells that can be executed to combat enemies. Black Code is more of a custom difficulty that makes the game extra hard.

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In addition, we learn that the DLC will get a new trailer in December and possibly a release date as well. Kingdom Hearts III is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.

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