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Batman Arkham Legacy Rumored For The Game Awards

Batman Arkham Legacy might be revealed at the upcoming The Game Awards according to a new rumor. Warner Bros. Montreal has been teasing it for a while now.

Batman Arkham Legacy is the next Batman Arkham game from Warner Bros. Montreal. Rumors about it started to make their way online after some teasers including one that was done officially by the developers. It is rumored that this game might feature a storyline based on the Court of Owls, which sets it apart from other Arkham games that were developed by Rocksteady Studios.

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Warner Bros. Montreal has previously worked on Batman Arkham Origins but they didn’t release any other project since working on it. They had multiple canceled projects as per the rumors so, after a long wait, they might be ready to unveil their next game at The Game Awards 2019.

According to a source close to YouTuber slcmof, Batman Arkham Legacy will be revealed at The Game Awards. Warner Bros. Montreal has already teased the game back in September with a subtitle of “Capture The Knight” and most of the speculation around this new game is that it will feature Court of Owls.

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The Game Awards will be hosted on December 13. The nominations for The Game Awards were revealed at the end of November confirming the games that have a chance to win in their respective genres. There will be new world premieres and reveals in addition to the awards show. The event will be hosted by Geoff Keighley.

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