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Bloodborne 2 Is Not Up To Miyazaki But He Considers It His Favorite Game

Bloodborne fans have been waiting for a sequel to the game for a while now. Hidetaka Miyazaki was recently asked about the possibility of a Bloodborne 2.

Hidetaka Miyazaki is the main guy behind the Souls series and ever since he has worked on Demon’s Souls for PS3, all of the subsequent games have been developed under his direction including the newly released Sekiro as well as the upcoming Elden Ring.

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In an interview with GameSpot Brazil, Miyazaki was asked about a potential sequel to Bloodborne. He also answered a question regarding what kind of improvements he would have preferred to make in the game.

” I try not to think too much about which elements I’d improve after shipping a game, ” said Miyazaki. “But I’d have improved on the Chalice Dungeons and the Blood Gems, that I wish were a bit more detailed, worked more thoroughly. I see the possibility of adding more to it.”

As for a potential Bloodborne 2, Miyazaki said that “it’s not up to” him to work on a sequel, which makes sense since Sony Japan was the one who collaborated with From Software to develop Bloodborne. They are the only ones who can greenlight a sequel with From Software if they want to do it. This might not be possible for this generation since it is ending quite soon.

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Bloodborne was a PS4 exclusive that launched in March 2015. It received a short expansion called The Old Hunters and there hasn’t been anything new released for the series since the expansion launched at the end of 2015.

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