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Days Gone Update 1.40: What’s New and What Are Patch Notes?

Sony Bend Studio has released Days Gone update 1.40 today and confirmed the timing for the last set of DLC challenges. There are some new bug fixes in this update.

Days Gone gets weekly DLC challenges that are usually released either as a part of an update or unlocked on a specific date. Today, the last set of DLC challenges have been unlocked in the game. They are released with some general bug fixes in Days Gone update 1.40.

The new Weekly DLC challenge for Days Gone is also live starting today. It is called “Reload” and offers 3 minutes to take down 300 Freakers by utilizing your environment and a .50 BFG. The last set of DLC challenges will be released on the following date.

  • Challenge 10 – Will be unlocked on August 30th
  • Challenge 11 – Will be unlocked on September 6th
  • Challenge 12 – Will be unlocked on September 13th

The general patch notes include fixes for progression blockers and other gameplay bugs.

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Days Gone 1.40 Patch Notes

Progression Blockers

  • Deacon and Boozer will progress as intended in “I Say We Head North”
  • NPCs will progress properly in “I was Distracted”
  • Sarah will no longer get stuck in “I’ve Pulled Weeds Before”
  • In the mission “What Kept Me Going”, the NPC should open the door as planned

General Fixes

  • “Snake” ring now repairs your bike every second you drift rather than only once per drift
  • Players should no longer be affected by a physics bug causing them to die after re-mounting the bike after crashing
  • The skill “Bull Rush” now correctly allows the player to reload their weapon after using the skill
  • Criers no longer appear on the mini-map on Survival Mode as intended
  • Aim Snap and Aim Stickiness settings will remain as intended after playing a challenge mode challenge
  • Smoke Bombs work as intended in both story mode and challenge mode
  • Traps in Iron Mike’s Encampment will no longer affect friendly NPCs
  • Pathing for the Freakers in “Infested” have been adjusted
  • Increased the lighting some cinematics
  • NERO Fuses used at different NERO checkpoints will respawn at its original location
  • Fixed the descriptions of some of the sub-challenges
  • Remote bombs will only blow up 1 bomb per activation of the right d-pad
  • An issue which caused players to shoot to the right of the reticule has been resolved
  • Various Crash Fixes
  • General audio adjustments
  • General Localization fixes

Some new accessibility options have also been added as shared by Sony Bend Studio. These new options are Motion Sensor function aiming, ability to auto-complete quick-time events on easy mode, and tweaks for controller dead zone.

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Days Gone has been quite successful for Sony Bend Studio. It charted in the top 10 best selling games in the United States and continues to hold up well. It also did great in most of the European markets and was the second best selling game in the UK. Sony Bend Studio has also supported it well with new updates. They are continuing to release weekly DLC challenges and improving the game by fixing any bugs reported by the players.

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