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Devil May Cry 5 Update 1.08 Silently Released Today

Devil May Cry 5 was updated to a new version 1.08 today by Capcom. We had reported that Capcom was working on an update back in April and this seems to be a new update.

While it is exciting to see that the game has been updated after all this time, even though back then we thought it would be out within a couple of days, there doesn’t seem to be anything substantial in this update. The patch notes for Devil May Cry 5 update 1.08 on PS4 are generic simply listing “bug fixes” in them without any details.

After we posted about the new update on Devil May Cry 5, Matt Walker, who is a producer at Capcom and has worked on Devil May Cry 5 confirmed that they have no plans to release any more free content updates after the release of Bloody Palace, so it seems like this is pretty much dead in the water for now.

devil may cry 5 update

Fans were hopeful for two free DLC content that was found through data mining the game files. One supposedly had references to a playable Vergil while the other contained references for a Ladies Night, which made fans speculate that it could be related to playable lead female characters. None of it has panned out in the actual game and with the new update, this dream might be dead in water.

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This update was also released on PC so if you were using any mods for the game, they might be broken by this update. Capcom has also made minor changes with updates in the past where they once removed a minor censored scene from the PS4.

Devil May Cry 5 is the fastest selling game in the series and should have no issue in becoming the best selling overall. It sold through two million copies in its debut month making it a series record for Capcom.

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