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Persona 5 Royal English Release Date Has Possibly Leaked

Persona 5 Royal release date announcement is happening soon but ahead of it, PlayStation Store Asia might have revealed the release date.

Atlus USA has been teasing an announcement for Persona 5 Royal for a while now. They haven’t really hinted if this is for the release date but since the game is already out in Japan, fans were expecting this to be the case. In another new update, the game was rated in Australia which added some credibility to the release date announcement.

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Persona 5 Royal is an expanded version of the original game. While it is an expansion, it won’t be possible to use save data from the original game release and instead players have to start fresh to play the new content, which is mostly from the endgame.

According to the official PlayStation Store Asia, the game is launching with English and Chinese language support on February 20, 2020. This release date has been previously confirmed for a localized Korean and Chinese version but this is the first time it was also confirmed for an English version. The price roughly translated to $60 while there is a digital deluxe edition available as well.

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It is possible that this release date is for the Asian version of the game only and the Western launch can happen on another date, but the English language support means that this version can be played by anyone who can’t wait to get the Western launch version.

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