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World War Z Update 1.05 Adds Tokyo Mission and New Special Zombie

World War Z fans can rejoice as Saber Interactive has released World War Z update version 1.05 today adding the previously teased new content. This update will feature a Tokyo level and add a new Zombie enemy type to all levels.

World War Z developer Saber Interactive has found incredible success with the game which has sold more than two million copies across PC, Xbox One, and PC. They have teased about the Tokyo mission and new enemy Zombie for a while now, and while they were supposed to be out in May, they have been delayed a little and finally released today.

In the past, the developers have released addressed to address any bugs but this is the first time since post-launch when they are bringing in new content which is outlined in their roadmap and plans for the game.

As this is a large update, there are a lot of general fixes included with this patch in addition to the new content. There are some features added like private lobbies, ability to host the game locally in private lobbies, and disabling the bots in it. One of the welcome changes is the addition of an FoV slider, which was also a part of the recently released Rage 2.

To get the full details on World War Z update 1.05, also called “The Undead Sea” update, you can view the official blog post shared by Saber Interactive.

You can grab the game on PS4, Xbox One, or PC but it is only available through the Epic Games Store for now.

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