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Death Stranding BT Guide: How To Detect, Avoid, and Fight BT

Death Stranding has many threats despite set in a post-apocalyptic scenario. BT is one of the scariest enemies and here’s how to deal with them.

In Death Stranding, most of the world is full of BT (Beached Things). BT are supernatural invisible things which makes it difficult for you to move around with leisure. They can attack you and make you lose your cargo in the process. You can detect, avoid and defeat BT, through this guide.

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How To Detect a BT In Death Stranding

Rainfall is the first indicator of the encounter with BT. Rainfall in Death Stranding is known as time fall. Rainfall will start aging all the stuff which gets wet through rainfall. It will start to age faster like your suit, cargo, the structures you have built. Everything that gets in touch with rain will age faster. After the start of the rain, you have to pay attention to your Odradek. Odradek is the expendable mechanical arm that was seen in many of the promotional materials.

death stranding bt guide

Odradek will alert you about the BT and can detect it. when your Odradek starts waving it means that a BT is in the area. The Odradek will alert you about the area of BT  by heading towards the direction of BT. If the Odradek is blinking a white light slowly, it means that there is no danger. The Odradek will start to blink faster when you get near to a BT. When you are very close to BT the lights on the Odradek will turn into an Orange glow and start spinning, waving, beeping all over the place.

How To Avoid BT in Death Stranding

If you want to avoid BT, crouch down, hold your breath and walk away slowly from the BT. Remember, Sam can hold his stamina for a limited time so look at the stamina meter while holding the breath. If the stamina meter gauge is empty then sam will take a loud swallow of air. It will alert the BT about your presence and you will know that you have been spotted when dramatic music will start to play.

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When BT will come near, thick black smoke like tar will surround you and dead bodies will emerge from the ground and will try to grab you down to the ground. You will have to balance yourself and kick them away and move toward the edge to escape. If you will fail to balance yourself, you will eventually fall and the bodies will drag you under the ground.

How To Fight BT in Death Stranding

Fighting a BT is difficult but it is not impossible to defeat them. You can use different weapons to confuse and prevent them but in order to defeat them, you have to use a bloody weapon like Hematic Grenades. Hematic grenades allow you to make them explode and get Chiral Crystals in return. There are other weapons to use as well like the Anti-BT Handgun but you will get your hands on them later in Episode 3. Fighting With BT is not beneficial because it will drain your health and damage your cargo so it’s better to avoid them instead of fighting with them.

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