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Death Stranding BT Guide: How To Detect, Avoid, and Fight BT

Death Stranding has many threats despite being set in a post-apocalyptic scenario. BT is one of the scariest enemies and here’s how to deal with them.

The majority of the world in Death Stranding is populated by BT (Beached Things). BT are supernaturally invisible objects that make it impossible for you to move about freely. They have the ability to strike you and cause you to lose your cargo. You can detect, avoid and defeat BT, through this guide.

Detecting a BT

The first sign of a confrontation with BT is rain. Rainfall is referred to as time fall in Death Stranding. Rainfall will begin to age everything that becomes wet. Your suit, cargo, and structures will begin to age quicker. You must pay attention to your Odradek after the rain begins. Odradek will notify you of the BT and will be able to detect it. When your Odradek begins to pulse, it indicates that a BT is nearby. The Odradek will notify you of the presence of BT by moving in the direction of BT. If the Odradek gently blinks a white light, it implies there is no risk. When you approach close to a BT, the Odradek will begin to flicker quicker. When you get extremely close to BT, the lights on the Odradek will glow orange.

death stranding bt guide

Avoiding a BT

Crouch down, hold your breath and gently move away from the BT if you wish to avoid it. Keep an eye on the stamina meter while holding your breath. Sam will take a deep breath if the stamina meter gauge is empty. When BT starts to approach Sam, dense black smoke, similar to tar, will surround him, and dead bodies will rise from the ground, attempting to drag Sam down to the earth. To escape, you’ll have to balance yourself, kick them away, and walk toward the edge. If you fail here, you will get dragged under the ground.

Fight a BT

Fighting a BT is challenging, but defeating them is not impossible. To confuse and prevent them, you may use various weapons, but to destroy them, you must use a deadly weapon such as Hematic Grenades. Hematic grenades enable us to make them explode in exchange for Chiral Crystals. There are more weapons to use, such as the Anti-BT Handgun, but you will obtain them later in Episode 3.

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