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Death Stranding Celebrity Cameos and Where To Find Them

One of the surprises in Death Stranding is that it offers celebrity cameos from directors to game designers. Here’s every cameo found in the game so far.

When Death Stranding was first shown, there were already plenty of celebrities represented in the game. The main stars were Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux, Guillermo del Toro, and Margaret Qualley. There were other celebrities like Geoff Keighley, host of The Game Awards, that were featured in Death Stranding and now more of them have been found in the game.

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Here’s every celebrity cameo in Death Stranding and where you can find them in the game.

Death Stranding Celebrity Cameos Location

Where To Find Geoff Keighley Cameo

This is not a surprise cameo as he was revealed as one of the hosts during a presentation held before Gamescom. He can be found in the east of the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City. He appears as a Ludens Fan in the Eastern Region of the game. It is optional to connect him to the Chiral Network.

Where To Find Conon O’Brien Cameo

Conon O’Brien is famous among the gaming community for his YouTube show Clueless Gamer where he tries to play through games. While he might have stopped doing it recently, he was still able to get a cameo in the game when he visited Kojima Productions. He can be found as the Wandering MC in a side-delivery to the Cosplayer located in the Central Region during Episode 3. The reward to talking with him is that the player unlocks an Otter hood for Sam which enhances their ability to cross the annoying bodies of water.

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Where To Find Sam Lake Cameo

Sam Lake is the writer and creative director at Remedy Entertainment. He has a cameo in the game as well. Same Lake is known in the game as the Veteran Porter and can be found northwest of the Timefall Farm during Episode 3.

Where To Find Junji Ito Cameo

Junji Ito is one of the most well-known horror manga artists that had previously collaborated with Hideo Kojima with Silent Hills. He also has a hologram in the game as an Engineer in the Central Region. He is one of the many Preppers that you can find and connect to the Chiral Network in the game.

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Where To Find Herman Hulst Cameo

Herman Hulst was the studio head at Guerrilla Games, the developer behind Killzone and Horizon: Zero Dawn. He is now the president of Sony Worldwide Studios. Herman Hulst can be found as the Craftsman in the Central Region. He can be found as early as Episode 3 at a prepper shelter southwest of Lake Knot City.

death stranding celebrity cameos

Where To Find Edgar Wright Cameo

Edgar Wright is a movie director who is well-known for his Cornetto trilogy of films. He recently worked on Baby Driver which was another surprise hit movie. His role in the game is Thomas Sutherland. He is the UCA member in charge of the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City.

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Where To Find Jordan Vogt-Roberts Cameo

Jordan Vogt-Roberts is the movie director of Kong: Skull Island and he is also attached to direct a Metal Gear Solid movie. He is a well-known fanboy of Kojima and his work and it was not a surprise to find himself in the game as a cameo. He can found as the Film Director in a prepper shelter located in slightly southeast of the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City.

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