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Death Stranding PC Version Existence Left In Doubt by Hideo Kojima

Death Stranding’s exclusivity has been in doubt since it was announced. When the game was revealed in 2015, there was a press release making the rounds that talked about timed exclusivity for Death Stranding and a potential PC release down the line.

Hideo Kojima left Konami to start his own studio, Kojima Productions. Death Stranding is the first new IP developed by Hideo Kojima and it has the full support of Sony Interactive Entertainment. It started as a collaboration between Sony Interactive Entertainment and Kojima Productions, but it has grown into a second-party project by now.

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When the project was first started, there was a now-deleted press release posted on Medium website. It talked about the game launching on PC after releasing on the PS4. The project has been in development for close to four years now since the original announcement was made in 2015. There is still no release date in sight but rumors of a 2019 release have been making the rounds as well.

Is Death Stranding Coming To PC?

Kojima was recently attending Tribeca Film Festival where he was asked some questions by the audience during a panel. One of the questions that were asked was about a potential PC version. Kojima didn’t reply at all to this question thus leaving the possibility of a Death Stranding PC version in doubt.

The thing that makes it different now is that Sony appears more open to allowing the IPs that they own coming to PC. Recently, Quantic Dream was able to announce a release of their PlayStation exclusive trilogy that also comprised of the recently released Detroit: Become Human, as coming exclusively to the Epic Games Store. It tells us that Sony is no longer looking at PC as a rival platform and can let their IPs release on it. Microsoft is taking the same approach and announced Halo games were launching on PC.

So while Hideo Kojima has chosen to not answer the question of a potential Death Stranding PC version, there is already some speculation that it could come to PC, even if it remains a timed exclusive for PS4 or PS5. Kojima is also teasing a possibly new trailer for the game.

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