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Days Gone Update 1.07 Hotfix Removes Auto-Save Changes

Days Gone has just received its update 1.06 but this was followed up within 24 hours with a new update 1.07. This one is such a minor update but it has to do with the increased frequency of Days Gone crashing on the PS4, and it disables the auto-save update that was added with the last patch.

Just like the previous update to the game, this one is a small patch that is under 150 MB on the PS4. It was released today and confirmed by Sony Bend Studio that this is related to a recent change that they made with the last update.

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“Hey everyone! Due to an issue that arose with Patch 1.06, we removed the update to the Auto-save function. Players who have not updated to Patch 1.06 yet will now only have access to Patch 1.07, ” said a comment shared by Sony Bend Studio.

Here are the patch notes for Days Gone update version 1.07, which is available to download now on the PS4.

General Fixes

  • Audio should no longer be cut out/dropped when it involves equipping certain engines and certain exhausts to your bike

So the previous change to auto-save has been rolled back now and this patch simply implements the audio fix, which was a complaint by many users when the game launched last week.

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Sony Bend Studio remains committed to offering post-launch support for the game and have released a total of six updates so far, three of which were released after the game launched on April 26.

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