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New Devil May Cry 5 Update Changes Final Boss Moveset Leading To DLC Speculation

Devil May Cry 5 was updated by Capcom recently after more than two months. We were the first one to confirm the new update was being worked on back in April and while it took a while to come out, the changes were disappointing, to say the least.

Now some fans have discovered that the moveset of the final boss was changed which is a surprise after Capcom’s Matt Walker stated that they won’t release any further DLC for the game. Note that this article spoils the final boss fight for Devil May Cry 5 so read at your own risk

Devil May Cry 5’s last update was for version 1.08 which was released on PS4, PC, and Xbox One earlier this week. The patch notes simply mentioned bug fixes but after the update was released, it didn’t take fans long to discover that the moveset for Vergil has been silently changed without any mention made by Capcom.

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There is a detailed reddit post with videos of the new moves that Vergil is now able to perform in the game, and while it is hard to say how much is exactly “new” in this case, there is no doubt that some changes were made to his character and he also received some new moves that he couldn’t do in the game.

devil may cry 5 update vergil

This is again leading to speculation that after data mining showed Vergil as a playable character, fans were keeping hope alive for a DLC after the launch of the game. While it hasn’t happened yet, the new changes are interesting and it is surprising to see how Capcom is trying to hide it. Since the game was a major success for them, becoming the fastest selling game in the series, it is possible that Capcom has decided to support it with a DLC and changed their plans.

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